Glide Engineering Seat Upgrade


After putting some test miles on the roadster we found the non adjustable factory style seat to be to high and to close to the steering wheel. We contacted David at Glide Engineering to discuss our options. We ended up replacing our original seat with a Glide frame and foam.

IMG 0511

Frame and foam arrived right away.

IMG 0517

Assembled Glide 5132 frame with the standard 22" back.

IMG 0516

Seat foam installed over frame before trimming

IMG 0547

Original Ford seat.

IMG 0548

Our original seat looked great but brought the back cushion to far forward and didn't provide enough leg room. 

IMG 0553

With the original seat removed we layed the Glide frame into position.

IMG 1429

New upholstery being cut and sewn

IMG 1445

Completed seat back installed on frame.

IMG 2073

We found the seat bottom foam to be to thick and brought it to a foam cutter to have 1 1/2 inches removed.

IMG 2077

Seat foam after cutting.

IMG 2081

Seat foam installed on frame ready for upholstery.

IMG 1924

Completed seat ready for installation into the roadster.

IMG 3054

Seat mounting bars supplied by Brookville Roadster.

IMG 3057

To sit lower in the car we eliminated the Glide Sliders and mounted the seat frame directly to the mounting bars.

IMG 3058

Seat installed.

IMG 3062

Without the sliders installed the seal sits nice and low and can be reclined below the body if necessary.

IMG 3067

View from the top.

IMG 3068

Completed installation with seat belts installed.

IMG 3071