Female Dovetail Installed


Each door jam gets a female Dovetail installed that aligns with the male half on the door. When the two pieces are installed and properly fit they assure proper door gaps and alignment.

Dovetail 1
Door jam prior to Dovetail installation.

Dovetail 2
Dovetail taped into position checking fit.

Dovetail 3
Fit looks good. Next we used a center punch to mark where to drill our mounting holes.

Dovetail 4
Using the center punch mark as a guide we drilled our two mounting holes into the door jam.

Dovetail 5
Next we added threads to the hole using a tap.

Dovetail 6
Next we positioned the Dovetail into place and secured it with two stainless screws.

Dovetail 7
Dovetail installation complete.