Jimmy Pedulla - Fiberwrx, Inc.

Jimmy's Marine World was created in the aftermath of 9/11. I was working at the stock market at the time chasing money. The events of that day made me realize how quickly life can change and how unfulfilling my professional life was at the time. One day during work, i recalled a time the previous summer where I accidentally put a hole in the front of my boat while loading it onto the trailer. I thought that must happen to lots of people and decide to run a simple ad in the local penny saver to test if there was a demand for a fiberglass repair company. Anytime Anywhere fiberglass boat repair was the lead for the ad. The next week my phone rang off the hook. I quit my job and the business which has developed into Fiberwrx Inc. was born.

Fiberwrx, Inc. is a full service structural and cosmetic fiberglass repair company which serves the tristate area. From the smallest of imperfections to major structural damage we handle it all. We heavily rely on POR-15® to coat the bottoms of our work trucks (most of which are from the early 2000's) are constantly being partially submerged in salt water to retrieve damaged boats. POR-15 is a critical component of our fleets yearly maintenance program. We have also used POR-15 in the heavily corrosive environment of a boats engine bay. From motor mounts to exhaust manifolds and most metal surfaces in between. POR-15 has extended the life of boat components which would have to be replaced. This has been invaluable especially for older boats where replacement parts are harder to locate and acquire.

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