Off to the Body Shop


POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating and POR-15 OEM Bed Liner has been applied and our CJ is ready to be loaded for transport to the body shop.

IMG 0494

Off for body work and paint.

IMG 0497

CJ-7 body, fenders hood and tailgate delivered to Madson Classic Auto Restorations.

IMG 0842

Each panel of the Jeep is checked for straightness and filler applied if necessary.

IMG 0844

Body work almost complete.

IMG 1258

First thing painted is the bottom of the Jeep.

IMG 1721

The entire exterior of the Jeep was painted with an experimental blue base coat.

IMG 1724

Our POR-15 Matte Clear being sprayed on the cowl of the Jeep.

IMG 1463

Two types of clear were applied to the Jeep body. Our POR-15 Matte Clear that dries to a durable matte finish as well as our American Icon Clear Coat that dries to a durable high gloss finish.

IMG 1464

Jeep body tub completely painted and ready to be mated to the frame.