Media Blasting the Jeep Body


The Jeep body is transported from the POR-15 shop by flatbed to Classy Chassis Auto Restoration. Eric, from 1st Step Surface Prep eco friendly dustless blasting came onsite with their dustless media blasting system. Using a mixture of ground glass and water at high pressure the old paint and primer was easily removed with no damage to the metal surface.

IMG 9336

Rolling out the Jeep body, fenders and hood to load on the flatbed.

IMG 9339

Loading on to the Flatbed

IMG 9340

Ready to go...

IMG 9341

for the short trip to Midland Park, NJ

IMG 9343

Arrived at Classy Chassis Auto Restoration

IMG 9348

Body and parts ready for blasting

IMG 9358

Starting with the bottom. Blasting off the undercoat, paint and primer.

IMG 9355

The Dustless Blasting system blasts at 90 psi at 185 cfm with a mixture of ground glass and water.

IMG 9360

Bottom just about complete.

IMG 9361

Inside the body tub is blasted as well.

IMG 9373

Notice how little dust is being created from the system.

IMG 9377

Previous repair, as well as additional rust has been uncovered after the blasting.

IMG 9379

Blasting is complete and the body is ready for metal work followed by the 3-Step POR-15 Rust Preventive System.

IMG 9380

Now the fun part, cleanup.