The Disassembly Begins


Our '66 F100 has been running for years on both the street and an occasional visit to the strip. We decided  it was time for both a restoration as well as an all around upgrade to engine, transmission and suspension. Stay tuned for updates as we prepare to display the completed rolling frame in our POR-15 booth at SEMA '19.

IMG 0715

Back from a last ride before the restoration begins.

IMG 0714

The POR-15 F100 enters the building for the start of the tear down.

POR-15 F100 Build Before

All set in place waiting for the tear down to begin.

POR15 F100 Build IMG 0644

Removing the bed is the first step.

POR15 F100 Before 7

Previous repairs include welds that now need to be cut for the nose to be removed.

POR15 F100 Before 16

Next step will be removing the engine and transmission.