New Cab


Once work began on the original cab previous repairs and additional rusted areas were found and the decision was made to find a replacement.

IMG 3136

After days of searching an almost rust free cab was found.

IMG 3137

No rust or extra holes in firewall.

IMG 3138

IMG 3145

Only a small amount of rust was found in the front floor area.

IMG 3150

The spot welds were drilled out so the rusted area could be cut out.

IMG 3151

Rusted floor area has been cut out.

IMG 3154

Both rusted floor sides have been cab mounts have been left in place and will be re spot welded back in place.

IMG 3155

Replacement floor pans being fit into position.

IMG 3156

Replacement floor pan has been trimmed and tack welded into position.

IMG 3163

Floor pans have been spot welded as was done originally.

IMG 3164

Both replacement floor pans have been welded into place.

IMG 3165

Front cab mounts have been welded to replacement floor pans.

IMG 3168

We have removed the fuel tank from the inside of the cab and will be relocating it below the bed between the frame rails.

IMG 3170

The gas filler neck hole has been filled.

IMG 3171

Repaired area has been ground and ready for filler.