Removing Engine, Transmission and Front Suspension


With temporary wheels and tires on the rear the truck is back on the ground and in position for the removal of the engine and transmission. When that's completed we will move on to removing the front suspension as well as the cross member to allow the installation of the QA1 upgrade kit.

IMG 0871

With the front nose off the truck and using a fork lift the engine and transmission is easily removed.

IMG 1085

Front coil springs and I Beams are loose.

IMG 10870001

Front suspension removed. Next step is removing the front crossmember.

 IMG 1170 

The bulk of the front crossmember has been removed using a sawzall. 

IMG 1174

Coil spring shock towers now removed and crossmember trimmed and ground back.

IMG 1186

Now ready to begin fitting the QA1 suspension kit.